I was the first creative management hire by the new ECD. My primary role was to create a package of commercials that frankly, the dealer associations rarely ran. My secondary job was to manage over 40 creative people to replace the package work the associations did not want to run. However, in our second cycle we were able to get 100% of the dealer associations to air the provided work for both Lincoln and Mercury. This was a first in the 22-year history of the account.


Leadership Contributions:

  • Seamlessly launched the Lincoln “Travel Well” campaign as brand and dealer association advertising
  • Created the “Travel Well” signature that appeared on all communications
  • Unified the creative departments in Irvine, CA and Dearborn, MI.
  • Combined underfunded projects of running footage, snow footage and the association package into one 2 million dollar production with a top director
  • Realigned the reporting structure to better serve the client
  • Produced an ad association campaign showcasing the talents of Dwight Yoakam, Macy Gray and Aretha Franklin