TBWA \ Chiat \ Day

This is where my future in advertising was shaped. Even in a remote office, the agency culture was strong. This was also where I learned to build a department. In less than five years, we changed how we did business four times. Centralized, decentralized. Local, regional. We consolidated creative, broadcast production, and print production to our Washington D.C. office for cost savings. Eventually, I had to open a second creative and broadcast department on the ground in Jacksonville, FL.


Leadership Contributions:

  • First outside hire for the Washington D.C. office
  • Built full service creative and creative service departments in Washington office
  • Group contributed over 200 concepts for Absolut Vodka, 3 are published
  • Absolut Philadelphia appeared in Communication Arts Magazine
  • Built creative and broadcast departments in Jacksonville, FL
  • General market and Spanish production was consolidated in Miami for cost savings as well as attracting creative talent