This may sound familiar if you have seen my resume in the past. Phenomenon needed to rehire the entire creative team for their Tailored Brands client at a lower collective salary and slash the production budget by more than 20%. Well, if that is the assignment, you have to get it done. A good example of success was the Jos. A. Bank Suit Challenge. The clients loved the idea of filming real people in the financial district to see if they could tell the difference between Jos. A. Bank suits and more expensive designer suits. They just insisted that the production cost $150,000 less than what was already a bargain price. This project was
at a stand still; to move it forward I assigned directing duties to myself and removed line items from the budget until we reached the client’s desired amount. In the end, the clients were happy, the agency was happy and the work tested well.


Leadership Contributions:

  • Transitioned current staff to new assignments
  • Restructured the team to include entry level employees with no reduction in product quality
  • Revised processes to accommodate new reduced production budgets
  • Sourced and installed more affordable vendors with no reduction in quality
  • Served as director on 3 productions
  • Introduced clients to numerous video opportunities beyond broadcast TV