Ed Miller


Edward Miller

Freelance Creative Director of AMCI

Many times in my career, by many people, I have been referred to as a “problem solver”. Need to build a creative department from scratch? I’ve done that six times. Has the previous team spent all the money, used all the time and you still don’t have anything to fill the media buy? Send me in. If I haven’t
done it before, I’ll figure it out–quickly.
A case in point is “branded content”. In looking back on recent projects like Hyundai Uncensored, National Fuel Economy Month, the Pedigree Film Series and our use of YouTube talent, my career has organically moved in the direction of less broadcast advertising. In the last two years my emphasis has been on fully integrated campaigns including branded content. Examples include The Camry Thrill Ride for Toyota as well as projects for Jaguar USA and the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars. The problem I would like to solve next is to help clients move away from the :30 spot in their national advertising.